"In a world gone mad, where bullies take over playgrounds and residential streets, how are parents supposed to protect their children?"

Let's make all children members of the SUPERCREW and teach them to stand up for themselves and others.

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SUPERCREW: Their Journey Begins

In a world gone mad, where children intimidate other children into submission, where bullies take over playgrounds at recess and residential streets after school, how are parents supposed to protect their children?

Radio Baxter, an L.A. D.J. with KJDT, has promised to mentor and watch out for three boys from local families.

He wants to give them the guidance, be a role model, and protect them in ways that he never was while growing up in foster homes.

It wasn't easy, but he made it. His crew—Man-E, B-Brain, and Whoosh—are doing well.

They excel in school, at sports, and B-Brain’s got a talent for music that Radio envies.

Yeah, all is going well until he takes them on a camping trip.

First there's an Earthquake, then they're all exposed to Alien tech, now—well, now they've all got superpowers.

How do you protect and give guidance to three boys with special abilities?

To make it worse there’s a crazy man, Horace Morgan calling himself The Ace of Horror who was also exposed to the Alien tech.

He knows that Radio and his crew, The SuperCrew, are the only ones that can stop his diabolical plan and he'll do everything in his power to destroy them.

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